Why should I choose Sugar Shortcuts?

Our cutters are thicker and stronger than the competition for the same price! Most other 3D printed cookie cutters use a thin two wall process which makes them very flimsy and prone to breakage. We use a proprietary 4 wall process that makes them twice as thick. This added material actually makes them 3 times stronger. We also do a tiered, wedge like, cutting lip at the top of each cutter for a perfect clean cut every time.

How do you make your cutters?

After creating a high resolution 3D model to engineering spec in our 3D CAD software we print them on high resolution 3D printers. (our spec uses increments of 0.3mm or 1/100th of an inch)

What are your cutters made out of?

We use only the highest quality biodegradable PLA. PLA plastic is derived from plant starch like corn or sugar cane.

How should your cutters be handled?

Hand wash only in cold water! Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight or moisture. The cutters will warp in warm water or prolonged sunlight due to the nature of the PLA material. Please take care with your cutters to ensure they do not warp!

When will I receive my order?

Typically we can have any orders with 5.5" or smaller sets in the mail by next business day. Larger cutters require more printing time and can sometimes take an extra business day. Beyond that we ship using USPS and transit times vary depending on the method you select. For your reference we ship from zip code 95825. Please consult the USPS website and google to determine your transit times. Thank you! <3 

Do you accept returns?

We print your order on demand custom just for you. Because of that we are unable to accept returns on any orders. All sales are final.

What do I do if my package has not arrived, or was lost?

We are unable to do anything about lost or delayed packages. We have no special access to the USPS and do not cover them in any way. You must contact the USPS for all shipping inquiries! Thank you! <3 

What do I do if my order was damaged during transit?

Please contact us with a picture of the break and we will send you a replacement part free of charge as long as it is within two weeks of your order arriving. (International orders: we cannot cover international shipping costs for replacement parts. We can still send you a replacement part, but you will need to cover the international shipping costs.)

Sugar Shortcuts is a Woman Owned Small Business. Everything on the site is made sustainably in the USA!