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Sugar Shortcuts

Emoji Huge Combo Set Cookie Fondant Cutters - Large Sizes! Extra Durable!

Emoji Huge Combo Set Cookie Fondant Cutters - Large Sizes! Extra Durable!

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We've combined 8 of our Emoji sets to create this massive 21 piece combo pack! This set comes with everything you could possibly want for paw Emoji cookie cutters. You will only receive one set of the circle cutter with this package. By re-using the circle piece for each design we can offer this set at a dramatic discount! All 8 sets purchased separately at the 4" size would cost $60 if purchased separately.

With this set you will be able to make all 8 of the emoji pictured plus any other combination you can think of.

This cutter set size is measured by the height of the entire design. So the 4" will create a 4" wide emoji.

Please be aware that due to the size of this set any orders for 7" or larger require a lot of time to print. Processing orders for these sizes may take an extra day or two to complete.

Our cutters are made to order on a 3D printer using biodegradable PLA plastic. Each cutter has quadruple wall thickness so they are extra sturdy(twice as thick as normal 3D printed cutters).

Every cutter has a cutting lip to guarantee a clean cut every time.

Cookie cutters are hand wash only in cold water. Heat or prolonged exposure to the sun may cause cutters to warp.

Cutter colors may vary depending on the plastic we have available at the time of order.

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